Building Digital Solutions

Why do we build an African Driving Digital solution Transformation?

We believe in sharing the knowledge to strength the ecosystem.  The digital transformation that have started on the continent will lead various companies to integrate technologies in their business that they may not have tested. Our way to contribute is to identify and test solutions that have been performing in the African context and ultimately build a frame where they can be available for free.

By giving access to those, we can impact positively the execution capacity of all possible solutions.

Business Model

A perfect launch for your new venture

  • Diverse team of motivated thinkers
  • Elaborate new business and concept models in one afternoon
  • Selected talents from our talent pool from ETH, HSG… and professionals
  • Perfect start for your future prototype Breeding
  • Get to know the Unicorn Labs Community


Work on your idea

  • Breed your idea with our unique experts and methods
  • Selected talents from our talent pool from ETH, HSG… and professionals
  • Get the startup spirit in your company, at least for a weekend
  • Validate your idea in the real world
  • From Friday evening to Sunday evening


Find a solution to your business case in our Driving Digital Transformation

Viable Products

Save time developing and spend it on developing your business by leveraging our Digital Transformation solutions.

Efficient and Fast

AD4 provides you with fully fledge solution. Upon request we will provide you with the best fit soultion and empower you to focus on your business and customers.

Co-creating & Iterating

Build quickly and confidently with modern solutions for Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and API integrations.

Top Class Delivery

ADV4 deliver a package with all we have achieved from Viable Products, Efficient and Fast Skills and Co-creating & Iterating all together with a Top Notch.


Solutions to practically integrate technology at every stage of business.

We work to help businesses integrate and develop practical #digital solutions to real business problems. Leveraging deep experience in the African tech-sector we help teams integrate the right api's and solutions to succeed.

Looking for Solutions

Adventures4 is makes available tools and technologies suitable for agencies, freelancers, architects, designers and other creative people who wants accelerate and grow.